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Multi-Tiered Behavior Supports


KCUSD uses a three-tiered system of behavior support. Tier 1 involves the teacher and administrator working together to assist the student with behavioral needs. Tier 2 involves the School Psychologist working with the Student Study Team to address behavior concerns by suggesting interventions, measuring student progress and conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment and creating a Behavior Intervention Plan as needed. Tier 3 involves members of the Behavior Support Team  who are available for consultation, formal assessment, and/or staff training.
Tier 1 begins with the school  administrator meeting with the teacher to discuss concerns and attempting to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved, the student may be referred to the Student Study Team. When referring to the Student Study Team, the teacher will complete the “Pre-SST Teacher Information”  & “EL Checklist” if needed. The administrator  will contact SST Coordinator to complete SST paperwork.

Tier 2 begins after a student is referred to the Student Study Team. The Student Study Team will determine if Step 1 or Step 2 is most appropriate to meet the student’s needs.

Step 1: The SST/IEP  team meets and describes several instances when the problem behavior occurred. The team summarizes events before and after the behavior, and provides an observable description of the problem behavior. The teacher collects data on the intervention’s impact upon the occurrence of the problem behavior.

Step 2:
If the SST/IEP team determines that further observation and assessment are required, the team will initiate Step 2. In Step 2, the School Psychologist will request permission to conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, the team will create a Behavior Intervention Plan as appropriate. The team meets within 4 weeks to review Behavior Intervention Plan implementation and then evaluates the  plan based on collected data and progression towards goals. The team may revise goals as needed.

Tier 3 begins when the Tier 2 supports have not satisfactorily resolved the problem behavior OR when the student is determined to be an immediate danger to themselves. “The Behavior Support Team Referral”  is sent to the Behavior Intervention Specialist who will confer with the School Psychologist to determine whether consultative support or formal assessment would be most appropriate to meet the student’s needs. Members of the Behavior Support Team may provide suggestions for intervention, along with data collection on the effectiveness of suggested interventions. The Behavior Intervention Specialist may also provide a Functional Behavior Assessment that includes teacher interviews, student observations and data collection. After completing the Functional Behavior Assessment, a Behavior Intervention Plan will be created and monitored by members of the Behavior Support Team.