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About Us

We believe in equality of opportunities and equitable access to an excellent education for ALL students!


Guidance and Learning Center
1280 E. Washington Ave
Reedley, CA, 93654
Phone: (559) 305-7170
Fax: (559) 823-3797

The staff at the Learning Center works to identify students with exceptional needs, and to ensure that these students receive appropriate special education.  Learning Center staff develop and provide curriculum and behavior modification assistance to school site staff, in addition to providing counseling, and crisis-intervention.


Mission Statements:

KCUSD's mission is to provide a broad spectrum of educational programs and co-curricular activities for all students so that they may attain their highest potential.


The Guidance and Learning Center partners with students, staff and parents to provide special education instruction, services and supports to ensure that students meet their highest potential in the areas of academics, social-emotional, behavior, vocational and life skills.